The artist Riabova Natalia was born in Moscow in 1991. Graduated from prestigious art school,  graduated  Moscow Institute of Design and Technology.


Riabova Natalia constant the participant of exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Personal exhibitions of Riabova successfully take place in Moscow since 2013. In history of the artist 4 personal exhibitions. 


She works in the following technicians: an oil/canvas, a list on a tree, a pastel, ink. 

 Intellectual basis of her creativity is "the philosophy of unreal»

 For her works the increased theatricality, love to artificiality, exaggeration to grotesque, some vulgarity, an estheticism, a combination of game and gravity are characteristic.

There are logical transitions from one work to another, it is possible to track development of history, her relationship with a material world, at first in pictures there are only material objects, then objects-people( sculptures) were represented, now many attention is given to human character, persons.

Paints are characterized by a certain ratio of esthetic categories of beauty and ugliness, serious and frivolous, naivety and mannerism, style and the contents. 

Lie, imaginations, dreams, transfer of beautiful tales and the invented stories - here a true purpose of art!

Works indulge in the production of romantic, melancholic and old world imagery, and makes reference to Greece and Asia philosophy, Buddhism, writers Wilde, Huysmans and other writers of the Aesthetic and Decadent period in literature.

Imiter le Chinois au cœur limpide et fin 

De qui l’extase pure est de peindre la fin 

Sur ses tasses de neige à la lune ravie 

D’une bizarre fleur qui parfume sa vie 

Transparente, la fleur qu’il a sentie, enfant,

 Au filigrane bleu de l’âme se greffant.

S Mallarne

Тонкий мастер, чистый сердцем, 
Древний как Китай.
О художник, ты китайцу подражай!
Он на чашечках из снега и луны
Пишет смерть цветка голубизны.
Тот цветок прозрачный - детству дань,
Он в душе как голубая филигрань.



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